Happy new year to everybody! This year I started my work in a different way. Yesterday I took the Alfresco Certified Engineer exam at an authorised centre. It was tough, I had to prepare for it, and luckily I passed it!

It’s broad, the subjects it covers are many, and the best place to find out what it’s about is the blueprint. At times it’s also very specific and requires good memory of API names, XML formats, etc.

I believe the contents of the exam have changed over the past years and I understand they are going to change soon again, presumably to cover Alfresco 5 features. I can’t find a reference to this on the web, but Axel Faust mentioned this to me on Twitter.

Preparing for the test was a good way to review my knowledge of Alfresco, spot the weaknesses and go through the documentation in a more systematic way. If you’re just curious you can try some sample questions on-line.