I’ve recently started a new plugin project to tackle a requirement that occurs in many Alfresco projects. Consider this example scenario: you have an Alfresco instance to manage invoices, you have developed a custom content type to model invoices, now every time a user uploads an invoice document you want the user to immediately mark the document as of type “invoce” and to enter the relevant metadata.

You want a document to be typed and assigned metadata as soon as it is uploaded or, in other words, you want the uploading, the typing, and the entering of metadata to be a single, indivisible action.

In the standard Alfresco, the situation is quite different. A user could upload an invoice document but never mark it with appropriate type or enter its metadata. Such a document can be called an “unfinished upload” as the document is on the system but without a type and without metadata. Such unfinished uploads are generally undesirable and a better approach to uploading is required.

As I said I’ve started a new plugin project to address the issue. The plugin is work in progress.

Last week I wrote a message on Alfresco’s forum to talk about my proposal and get some feedback.

Meanwhile I’ve also created a project on GitHub and started coding the admin interface, of which I can show three screenshots.

Admin panel overview:

Admin panel overview

Selecting an upload folder:

Selecting an upload folder

Editing an upload folder:

Editing an upload folder

I’ll keep you updated.