Javascript idioms for Java developers

Being proficient in a programming language usually means being able to write good code in that language, but I think it is just as important to be able to read code written by others, especially by the experts in that language. [Read More]

Alfresco picklist fields in detail

In a previous post I reviewed five Alfresco plugins that provide custom picklist fields. The plugins differ in the way they store the list of values, but almost all of them share the fact that the field is displayed as a picklist and that the list of values can be... [Read More]

5 Alfresco picklist plugins you cannot miss

In standard Alfresco forms, a field is displayed as a picklist only if the field is associated to a constraint that enumerates the allowed values. Constraints are great but changing them has two problems: first no user interface is provided and a developer’s intervention is required to edit the content... [Read More]

Just passed my ACE exam

Happy new year to everybody! This year I started my work in a different way. Yesterday I took the Alfresco Certified Engineer exam at an authorised centre. It was tough, I had to prepare for it, and luckily I passed it! [Read More]

Just joined the Order Of The Bee

I’ve just been accepted as a member of the Order Of The Bee. The OOTB is an independent group of Alfresco professionals/enthusiasts from around the world that promotes Alfresco as an open-source community effort. [Read More]

Java AND JavaScript together in an Alfresco webscript

Alfresco webscripts support the MVC pattern where the ‘C’, the controller, can be implemented in Java or in JavaScript. By reading a recently published book on Alfresco webscripts I found out that a webscript can have both a Java and a JavaScript implementation working together. [Read More]

Book review - Learning Alfresco Web Scripts

“Learning Alfresco Web Scripts” by Ramesh Chauhan was published just a few weeks ago. I bought it, quickly read the interesting bits, then re-read it from cover to cover during some long journeys by train over the past week. [Read More]

Working on an enhanced uploader for Alfresco

I’ve recently started a new plugin project to tackle a requirement that occurs in many Alfresco projects. Consider this example scenario: you have an Alfresco instance to manage invoices, you have developed a custom content type to model invoices, now every time a user uploads an invoice document you want... [Read More]